E-learning has been one of the fastest growing industries over the past few years. With the fast advancement in digital technology such as LMS and new innovations, e-learning is evolving every day for better with the aim to deliver a more engaging learning experience. Thus it’s important that everyone involves in and with e-learning keep a close look at the trends are appearing and disappearing in the industry.  

Here are the top 5 e-learning trends that are trendy in 2019 for a reason. 

Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning, otherwise called ‘adaptive instructing’, is an instructive strategy which utilizes PC algorithms to arrange the collaboration with the student and convey tweaked assets and learning exercises to address the extraordinary needs of every student. In expert learning settings, people may "try out" of some preparation to guarantee they connect with novel guidance. 

As new competitors are emerging in the market adaptive learning is also evolving to meet the requirements of the 21st century. And very quickly adaptive learning will make huge strides in the year 2019. 

The learner is going to especially enjoy their learning process since they will only see the training content extremely personalized to them. With adaptive learning, learners can easily skip content that they are really confident about. Also, these algorithms will ensure to provide the right fit for the staff of the organization when it comes to e-learning.


Generally, microlearning manages little learning units and momentary learning exercises. The term is utilized in e-learning and related fields in the feeling of learning forms in intervened situations. 

Microlearning is a comprehensive methodology for aptitude-based learning and instruction which manages moderately little learning units. This is a great way to teach and educate with small pieces of information which are objective driven. 

Also, learners will vastly benefit from microlearning since they can quickly get through their course content. Plus, with the emergence of high-tech smartphones, microlearning can easily be implemented on any small device.

By using microlearning methods, the constant training will immensely help to improve productivity and return on investment by providing the students to create and support with all necessary tools. Microlearning is learner-centric and enables students to learn quickly and easily ensuring high knowledge retention. Therefore, in present, the management of all large organizations look into microlearning to increase the results they are expecting.

Artificial intelligence   

Artificial intelligence has become one of the key aspects of E-learning in the modern era. 

The technology will be utilized to anticipate student conduct as it helps customize the learning. In light of the modules that were taken by students and the troubles or difficulties confronted, better personalization will be realized. 

Voice-guided bots will likewise assist students with searching for key substance in modules.  With these companies will actualize fresher strategies for Artificial Intelligence support for their students in both the learning procedure and amid the snapshot of need. A case of this could be a canny chatbot that can go about as helpful for specialized inquiries. 

Also, Artificial Intelligence can easily identify user patterns and provide solutions so the LMS will be more effective and user-friendly. Thus organizations will be able to introduce more effective LMS programs that will benefit the rest of the organization which can easily increase their productivity.

Added to the blend is the utilization of robots for helping children and individuals with exceptional requirements to adopt new attitudes and help them at the time of need.

Thus we are sure that, Artificial Intelligence will keep on being an extremely solid pattern and that it is something that will change the learning scene in 2019.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are both developing quickly as imperative methods of executing learning content. It has been seen that K-12 has received Augmented Reality quickly to show different subjects, for example, Science and Math.

The extraordinary thing about Augmented Reality is that it can increase the current substance through fascinating overlays of designs and pictures that can fly out and thrill the students. More than the rush, it is simply the experience that causes students to interface with the substance better.

Virtual Reality keeps on developing as it is utilized in showing different security related strategies. companies are currently taking a gander at Virtual Reality as an imperative arrangement, as eLearning organizations utilize powerful Instructional Design systems to improve the VR experience. Utilizing a blend of 360-degree photos, communications, and a lot more components, VR is turning into a helpful affair. companies are likewise putting resources into subjective learning items that are augmented by VR particularly for kids and individuals with uncommon necessities.

Added to AR and VR is the energizing new methodology called Mixed Reality or MR. Officially enormous players are making interests in MR which joins AR and VR to an extraordinary impact.

With all these, companies will keep on exploiting this fascinating pattern with regards to the year 2019 and past. 

Game-Based Learning

Gamification and game-based learning were solid patterns in 2018. companies are progressively seeing putting resources into game-based learning to enable and draw in their students better. It has been seen that gamification has improved standards for dependability and better use of the topic learned at work.

Thus, companies will hope to execute progressively game-based arrangements, as they consider them to be esteem adders for company-wide learning. It has proven that games that are well thoroughly considered, very much planned and address the necessities of students connect with them successfully. 

Thus, game-based learning is digging in for the long haul and will keep on being a solid pattern in the year 2019 and past.