If you are a school in Australia looking forward to growing and expanding, technology is an essential factor you can’t ignore. A high-quality school management system is one such technology upgrade that can lead the way to the next level in business seamlessly. 

Successfully implementing a school management system can reshape how you do business. And it will prepare you for the future demand of the industry. 

Whether you are a school, college, university, training centre, the benefits a school management system can deliver to your institute is endless. 

all in one school management system

Below are the top benefits of an all in one school management system.

All in one solution

At present many schools have different systems to handle various operations. From attendance management, procurement management, timetable management, financial management to HR, a school uses a dozen separate programs daily. 

This causes disconnections between departments making the overall administration process complicated.

A school management system comes with all those systems included in one software. Thus, you can manage all your departments and operations with only one system. 

It takes care of student management, staff management, timetables, lessons, grades, exams and payments, and much more. With this, you will be able to save the hassle of integrating new systems from time to time. 

You won’t have to find new vendors, request quotations, and go through the whole integration process again and again when you require a new system. 

Effective communication 

One of the main benefits of a school management system is that it improves internal communication. The system comes with many features such as online chat, teacher portal, student portal, staff portal, …etc.

Once you have the system integrated, the administration can easily communicate with students, teachers, and other staff. 

This way, sharing urgent messages to all the students can be done with a click of a button.

The student portal allows students to discuss their questions and educational materials online right from their bedroom at any time of the day. The system makes it easy for the students to communicate with teachers outside the school. 

The staff portal enables improved communication between departments, while the parent portal allows parents to have a better connection with the administration.

Automate operations 

Another significant benefit of a school management system is it automates almost all of your operations. A sound school management system comes with an array of features such as  

  • School Attendance Management
  • Bursary Management/Financial Assistance Management/Grant Management
  • School Calendar Management
  • Canteen Management/Food & Beverage Management/Meal Management
  • CCA/ECA/Interest Group Management
  • Counselling Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Inventory/Warehouse Management
  • Library Management
  • Hostel Management/Boarding Management/Accommodation Management
  • Student Contract Management
  • Student Helpdesk Management
  • Transport Management

The above list is only a few features we extracted from the Tigernix School Management System. Just imagine how many areas of your school the system can automate. 

From data management, data processing to generating records, each module will take care of most of the daily workload, saving you time and money. 

Easy collaborations

When you have separate systems for separate operations, collaboration, in-between departments, can be very difficult. Usage of different systems delays data updates, increasing opportunities for sharing misinformation, making mistakes, and miscommunication. 

For example, the front desk might have a hard time receiving the latest availability in textbooks or hostel rooms. 

With a school management system, all operations are handled with different modules of a single software. And this enables receiving real-time data updates for all the departments. Thus, operations that involved several departments can get done way easily, quickly, and effectively.  

Therefore back and forth emails to request the latest updates will be reduced, as you can view everything from your screen with a school management system. 


A sound school management system purchased from the right vendor will save your money in many ways. The system will introduce automation to most of your complex daily operations- so you will be able to get done more work with less staff.

It also will let you have better visibility over your resources. 

The system will quickly allow you to identify less busy classrooms for the day, teachers with more free periods, available labs, and other available resources for the day. With this, you will be able to get the best out of all your resources delivering the best educational experience for your students.

The system will also help you identify wastes so you can cut them down. 

Moreover, it will help spend your money effectively. For example, the procurement management feature of the system will show you the items you are running low on and items you have enough for the next few months. So you can only fulfil what’s needed.  

Improve student experience

When your institution has a school management system, you can deliver a student experience of the next level. From course enrollment, course fee payments, lessons, assignments to exams, and grades, the students will receive a better and more effective service experience. 

With the system, the students will be able to enrol for the course right from their home. The system makes payments fast and easy with a click of a button. 

Assignments can be view and submitted online. The students can discuss their lessons with fellow students and teachers from their bedroom.

Plus, they can have their exam timetable, class time table right on their mobile with the latest updates. 

These are only a few ways how school management can improve the student experience. 

Effective student data management

Managing data can be stressful for educational institutions. And it can get worse when you grow as a business. So you need a new way to manage your student data. And Lucky for you, a school management system has the perfect solution to make student data management easy for the administration.  

The system will help you collect and store all the student details from contact information, payment history to assignments, and exam scores. The system will create student profiles online for each student and will let the teachers, administration, and parents view all the details of the student. This lets administrators and teachers find all the information about the student with a click of a button.  

Additionally, this helps with analyzing students’ academic progress. 

Help you go paperless

When you can get done most of your operations digitally, you won’t have to manage records with pen and paper for your administration. Since the system generates and stores all the data and files digitally, scanners and photocopy machines will have no place in your school, saving you money. 

This will also make data organization simple, easy, and effective.

Connect all the departments and branches

The system will bring all the departments under one roof. So connections between departments will be more robust. 

Plus, the system comes with features to help you manage schools in different locations enabling coordination in your school chain more seamless. 

Find a sound School Management System 

A school management system is an all in one software solution that can take care of all the operations of the school on your behalf. Adopting a good school management system can transform any business for good. However, it's essential to select the right system from the right vendor to receive the best ROI for your investment.