Education is a struggle for AD/HD students regardless of their age. The kids with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or AD/HD have issues with focus, being patient, hyperactive, and organised.

These issues make the learning experience in school for those students a massive struggle daily. Teachers have to put a lot more effort and care when they have a kid with AD/HD in their class. 

Even with constant effort, delivering them, effective learning experience can be challenging. 

lms benefits students with ADHD

However, thanks to new technologies such as the learning management system, educations for AD/HD students have improved significantly. In this article, we discuss how a learning management system can benefit for AD/HD kids. 


One of the main struggles of AD/HD students is their inability to get done homework effectively. They usually do not remember what they are given as homework once they get home, so they can often end up at the school with unfinished homework the next day. 

With a learning management system, the student will be able to see the homework given in each class in one place. Thus the kid to keep track of all the homework of the day easily without missing out on any. 


Assignments are another area AD/HD students struggle in school. Having assignments everywhere on pieces of paper is not working for AD/HD students. 

They might forget their assignments. Some might even have a hard time organising their assignment sheets. Even when they are working on an assignment organising all the details and other notes can be difficult for a child with AD/HD.

The assignment management feature of the learning management system lets such kids collect all the details in one place easily- And even add notes to where they want. So they will have all the ideas for the assignment in one place, which makes assignment writing easier for ADHD students.  

Plus, the students will be notified of the submission date via the system through reminders, making it difficult for them to left unfinished.  


Lack of organisation makes everything complicated and tiresome to be around. And this is one of the biggest challenges of AD/HD students. With many features learning management system helps such students to up their organisation game and be on top of things. 

From lessons, assignments, timetables, schedules to learning materials, the system will let the students view all the details their requires in one place. So they won’t have to dig in their backpack or flip through their binders to find notes, time tables, etc. 


A learning management system makes learning much more fun and interesting for students. The system offers lessons in different media and comes with many functions such as puzzles, quizzes, and group activities. 

These come in very handy when teaching for AD/HD students. Because of their lack of focus, you need different and exciting ideas to keep them engaged in the lessons. 

And lessons in videos, adios, digital presentations combined with fun quizzes and puzzles will help them stay interested in the lesson. 


The teacher’s handwritten feedback in short on the side of the paper might not register well with AD/HD students. Because they are not the type of students, who will spend an extra 5 seconds to understanding an unclear word of the teacher to make sure he or she got it right or what is the issue the teacher is mentioning with the comment.

With a learning management system, students can type their papers and assignments, and teachers can add comments to the documents clearly and easily. You will get a side column just for comments for teachers where the teachers can tag the word, sentence, or paragraph she needed to highlight as write her comment without having to worry about the space.

Thus, chances to misunderstand teacher’s comments will reduce significantly.


Many ADHD students have issues in communication. It can be challenging for those students to articulate what they want to communicate correctly. The new technology comes with the learning management system gives such kids more opportunities to communicate with other students and teachers using different mediums. Features like chat portals enable students to interact with teachers and fellow students even when they are away from school. 

Students can write emails to teachers asking for clarifications with their assignments or with their lessons. 

Such online mediums let the student have more time to articulate what they want to communicate; thus, it’s an excellent opportunity for them to practice their communication skills. 


A sound learning management system makes organising and revising previously learned lessons easy. The system will share all the learning materials with the students, so they have solid materials to refer back to. For students who are not good at taking notes well, this can be very helpful.

Students will be able to organise their lessons by class or subject. So they will have all the lesson materials in one place. This can help improve their learning experience significantly. 

Thus, they don’t have to worry even if their notes are a mess. They have clear and correct lessons well-organized in the system, which they can access anytime. 

Parents Role  

AD/HD kids require special attention and support from teachers and parents to succeed in their education. So teachers and parents of AD/HD kids need to have a good and close relationship with each other. Thus teachers can share how parents can help the students while parents can share the child’s struggles at home with the teachers. 

A learning management system brings teachers and parents closer, enabling effective communication. So, the parents can help the student follow the teacher's advice and feedback.

Plus, the system’s platform enables parents to help the students keep up with their lessons, deadlines, and school schedules as they, too, can view them via the system.

Above are only a few benefits students with AD/HD can enjoy with a learning management system. Thus it’s clear how helpful such a system can be to schools with AD/HD kids.