Pandemics are not an uncommon scenario throughout history. From Black death in the 1300s to influenza H1N1 in 2009, the world population has faced many severe virus pandemics that took thousands, even millions of lives.

At present, the world is in panic again as the signs of next sinister pandemic has emerged from Wuhan China. Although the Coronavirus has been reported only from a few countries since the recent outbreak, the virus has shown its potential of developing into a deadly worldwide pandemic. This has caused panic and worry among people to continue with their normal lives.

Under any pandemic crisis can be scary for locals to be in a crowd, even to take public transportation. This not just affect the day to day lives of the locals but the whole economy too. With a shortage of workforce due to the rising pandemic deaths and people being fearful of leaving their houses due to the risk of getting infected, business processes can get disrupted significantly. 

How to make your organisation pandemic crisis ready

Making your company pandemic Crisis ready

During the Black plague, there was no option for people but to travel to work no matter how high the risk was. However, in 2020, forward-thinking companies have already laid the foundation to face such a crisis with the right technology ensuring business operations are not getting disturbed while ensuring the safety of your employees.

And that is Digital technology. It can deliver many benefits to your organization on many levels from increased efficiency, speed to accuracy. 

If you haven’t heard of how digital technology can transform your business and make it pandemic crisis ready, we put together this article just for you. Keep reading. 

How can digital solutions help you make it through a crisis? 

In simple words, digital technology and solutions enable businesses to operate smoothly, delivering location independency for teams and companies. Meaning, no matter where your team members are, companies get the ability to proceed with their business operations as usual.

No matter what your business model is, the industry you are in, the size of your company or the nature of your operations, now there are all sorts of digital solutions available in the market to help you tackle any activity. All you need is to find a reliable software solution provider like, Tigernix and you are assured of smooth operations even during a pandemic crisis. Even in times when there is no such crisis, digital technology comes in handy as it gives your employees the options to work from home which have proven to deliver many short terms and long term benefits. Below are some of the top benefits of home-based work culture

For employers

  • Enhance talent attraction & retention
  • Reduce cost
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance business continuity

For employees

  • Facilitate participation in the Workplace
  • Enhance work-life harmony

If you are wondering how exactly digital solutions can help you improve your business, here are a few ways. 

Accounting functions become digital

With digital technology, you can easily make all your accounting processes digital. From generating work orders, quotations to invoices, accounting software will automate all your accounting processes. It will store all your data in a centralized database giving you access from any time anywhere, thus making it easy for you to manage your accounting operation from anywhere in the world. The system also comes with features, that will help you comply with tax and perform audits, generate reports and budgeting thus assuring you a full accounting solution.

Sales can be made digitally

A sale software solution will handle orders, quotations, delivery, stocks, delays, price lists, payment condition and more bringing automation into your sales department. Thus your team will be able to perform and monitor most of your sales operations remotely, which can come in handy during a pandemic crisis.

It can be integrated with marketing, manufacturing, inventory and CRM departments to help you improve the volume of sales and the sales experience. With this, you will enjoy many other benefits in your sales operations, that you will never otherwise achieve handling everything manually. 

HR and payroll functions can be on a cloud.

HRMS or a Human Resource Management software have developed especially to help digitalize HR operations of any organization. Comes with many useful functions, the system will help you manage your day-to-day HR operations with much more ease. From attendance, salary system, leave management, recruitment to training, an HRMS can handle everything streamlining your entire HR department. With cloud technology, it will enable easy access to information and records from anywhere anytime, thus allowing the employees to perform primary HR operations even from home.

Functions become paperless and digital

When you adopt digital technology in your organization, you will no longer need to maintain racks and racks of files. Everything will be stored in a cloud, which your employees can access based on priorly assigned clearance level. So you will no longer need to be in an office where all the files are stored in to perform operations as you can access your data anytime anywhere through the cloud. 

Make collaborations easy

Another significant benefit of digital solutions is most of them comes with in-built communication functions allowing departments and different teams involved in an operation to collaborate more effectively. With online portals for employees, it will let team members connect and work together online whenever they need from wherever they are. Here the management must make sure to create an effective communication plan to ensure regular contact with the company and effective collaborations amongst teams. 

With digital technology, you can perform at your peak without any disruption even during a pandemic crisis. Even if there isn’t one the productivity and the efficiency digital technology can bring to a company is endless.

Here are few key tips you need to keep in mind when hiring home-based employees

  • Establish clear expectations and responsibilities for the job scope to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication
  • Establish policy and protocol for Home-Based Work for accountability and security purposes 
  • Work on managing time zone differences smoothly if there is any
  • Establish programs to provide feedback on tasks and projects and to motivate them
  • Set specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-specific KPIs

Make your company crisis ready!

Do you too like to make your business operations crisis ready and operate without any disruptions even during a pandemic? Then, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can be a help to transform your organization digitally.

We at Tigernix are expert digital solution providers in the industry, who have helped many major brands adopt the right digital solutions to improve efficiency, productivity and accuracy. Call Tigernix today.

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