As technology is ‘smart-ifying’ everything in our world, it has even pioneered in advancing the non-profit motive, benevolent organisations that are social support-oriented. Each of these groups fosters the best support via volunteers who willingly lend their hands to do good to the world, even by word. Smart volunteering is the connection of volunteers to support centres via the internet. They provide the same services as any other volunteer, the line that distinguishes it from on-site volunteers is the presence of the caregiver close to the person in need of help. E-volunteers can be based in the office, or out of office premises. This method even allows interested volunteers who are outbound of Australia to join the centre.

Read this article to learn how e-volunteering can enhance the support exerted by your centre. 

The process of allowing e-supporters to join your organisation can be summated into a few steps as follows: 

  1. Preparation of support projects and events by setting goals and analysing the need for support- both online and offline
  2. Implementing tasks that were planned in the previous step, 
  3. Evaluating volunteers. Smart volunteers’ tasks can be assessed in real-time. 
  4. Motivation through admiration and ‘helping to help.’
  5. Ending tasks and checking for success rates and repeating the steps all over again for new tasks.

Smart Volunteering expanding elbow room

It is commonly misunderstood that technology replaces everything. But it should not be misheard, because what technology does is expanding the elbow room while enhancing the awareness of the presence of someone or someone. E- volunteering is the remedy for:

  • On-site Volunteer shortages
  • Extra help in: 
    • Translating centre documents 
    • Researching on spaces for expanding help
    • Accumulating ideas
    • Carrying out social help campaigns online via citizen journalism
    • Maintaining the centres' web pages and main communication hubs
    • Providing professional counselling
    • Implement and manage surveys
  • Providing streamline support regardless of limitations; they are not limited by social distancing, transportation issues
  • Specially-abled volunteers to work online and more 

Smart volunteering and crowdsourcing

Creativity and innovation magnify with the number of people willing to share ideas, e-volunteering doesn’t barricade volunteers at all; people from different countries, social backgrounds, ethnicities, age groups can work under one virtual help zone. If online volunteers have:

  • Approval by the support group to participate
  • Have an internet-allowing device
  • An internet connection,

Anyone can be a part of a selfless support group. 

The diversity of this crowd gives amazing advantages to the centre to brainstorm on a whole new level. The intel of the centre will boost up, and they can use volunteer management systems to analyse this knowledge and find shortcuts to meet their goals and serve the society in immeasurable ways. 

Easily upgradable to Social Support management systems

Charity and Volunteer management software allows modules that can be easily integrated into the main system. Securable measures can be implemented to control who will be logging in to the system and using the resources of the centre, which can be accessed online. Also, virtual tools can be fostered by these systems that allow the volunteers to carry out their services comfortably and more efficiently. Some of the modules that support online volunteers are: 

  • Online donation Schemes
  • Automated donation Management
  • Online Fundraising Systems 
  • Blog spaces for e-volunteers 
  • Online events registration and management tools
  • Membership registration or membership renewal modules 
  • Mass emailing Systems
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Inter-communication portals for e-volunteers
  • Mobile Applications and more

Charity centres can either use:

  • Closed,
  • Open source,
  • Distributed
  • Or Self-hosted systems 

to grant access to e-volunteers, but the safest and efficient system for smart volunteers would be the close source software for better control, and distributed systems if the support centre is based in many countries. These modules can be housed in already developed systems too. 

E-supporters assist groups in a great deal which is why volunteer groups and other support groups must allow technology to transform their groups into smart groups that allow smart volunteers to take part in their moral deeds and social care activities.

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