Managing time in a school is important to optimize the learning experience of the students and to gain the optimal use of resources. However, that doesn’t justify the hundreds of hours your staff has to spend on managing timetables for classes and courses. Especially now when there are timetable management systems available in the market.

Timetable Management system is a software solution that helps you automate the school’s timetable planning and scheduling. Whether you are a school, a university or another higher education institute, you can implement the system in your institute.

Below are 10 advantages of timetable management for a school.

Easy payroll management
Calculating payrolls can be a headache for all most every school if you are still doing it in the old school way; calculating everything manually. In a manual system, reconciling every spreadsheet and attendance sheet can be a time consuming and overwhelming process. On top of all you can’t help but experience errors and miscalculations in payrolls and we are sure there are many more that goes unnoticed. With a Timetable Management system, your payroll calculation will be easier than ever as the system records the number of hours teachers spent in classrooms and absent days of teachers and number of working days and …etc. So with a click of a few buttons, you will be able to calculate payrolls of all of your staff.

Open doors for automation
The systems are capable of generating timetable and time schedules automatically. No matter how many subjects you teach in your school and how many classrooms and other different units you have, the system will create unique timetables for each of the classrooms in no time. It will make sure not to overlap any timetable with each other allowing you to get the optimum use of your resources. When you get a Timetable Management System you can put timetable planning to ‘auto mode’ and relax a bit.

Reduced errors
A small error in a timetable might disturb all the divisions of the school. But when doing things manually you have to expect errors as human errors happen. If you have a timetable management system implemented in your school, your timetable management will be automated. Meaning reduced errors in a great deal. Even if you make an error, you will be able to catch it and correct it within seconds.

Create a paperless environment
Timetable management involves a lot of paperwork. Spreadsheets, charts, notes… What’s overwhelming is that you have to store these records for the future reference. This means piles and piles of papers just for managing timetables. The Timetable Management system allows you to store all your data digitally. So your timetable planning process will become paper free from now on saving you resources and effort. 

Customizable & Flexible
You might think that a pre-made system that sells to all the schools never is going to fit your school as you are different. Wrong! A good timetable management system has the capacity to cater to any and every need of a school in terms of managing timetables. A good system will offer you customizations to fit your language, location, number of grades and subjects and other special facilities of your school like labs, offering you a unique solution. So all you have to do is do a thorough research and find the right one for your institute.

High security
Not like with file racks when managing your class schedules manually, your information will be well secured with a Timetable Management system. It comes with necessary security measures to ensure your data is not vulnerable to cyber-attacks while assuring you of information confidentiality with role-based permissions and privileges. Plus, when you store data digitally you can have a foolproof data backup plan too. So you don’t need to worry about data loss or destruction due to technical errors, natural disasters or emergencies like fire. 

Better substitution management
You know how frustrating it is to find out a teacher is absent in a day after you prepared the timetable for that day and having to start all over again with a substituent timetable. The hardest part of all is that having to go through many sheets to find out who is available to assign as a substitute. If you have a Timetable Management system, you won’t feel like making substitution management is difficult. Because you will have everything you need right on your screen as the system makes everything automated.

Real-time updates
Any changes made to the timetables will be notified to students, teachers and even to parents as necessary with a Timetable Management system. This will reduce confusions as well as allows students and teachers to prepare for the class in advance leading to an effective learning experience.  

Offer multilingual support
No matter where you are located in the world and what language you use in your school, a Timetable Management System will enable you to generate your timetables in your language.

The system does complex tasks related to Timetable Management that takes hours for you to do in seconds. But that doesn’t mean the system is complex to operate. The system is designed to be easy to use. So anyone can use it without much of a technical knowledge or training.

Bonus Benefit: Saves time and effort 
The right system significantly reduces manual work involves in timetable planning. This will reduce the time it used to take for planning, which now you can spend on another task. 

If you are an educator, you probably know the struggle of manually preparing everything. But it doesn’t have to be that way as now we’ve shown you the solution to take your Timetable Management to the next level. 

The benefits that the right timetable management system can bring to your institute are numerous. From streamlining your timetable planning process, reducing errors to updating everyone on relevant update and more the system can help you cut down time and reduce stress.