Tigernix has identified following 12 manufacturing trends for the year 2018 and we have put the trends into an infographic to identify!


1. Software usability, flexibility, and configurability will increase 

Manufacture usability software providers will improve user-friendly interfaces, usability, and configurability.

2. Demand for the right manufacturing skills will skyrocket

Job roles related to interpreting data such as manufacturing engineering, business analysts, & data scientists will rise.

3. More robots and AIs will join the workforce 

The contribution of robotic and AIs will intensify especially in performing repetitive and algorithmic tasks.

4. Broad adoption of new technologies

Use new technologies such as IoT, analytics, virtual reality and voice-activation assistants, digital business processes will increase.

5. Industry 4.0 and smart factories will improve their conversions via Compliance and quality management

Manufacturers will focus on improving product quality and adopting smart factory concept. 

6. Next generation manufacturing metrics will emerge

Manufacturers will start to embrace new manufacturing metrics based on real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. 

7. Reduce supply chain disruptions 

Risks in the global supply chain will reduce and the focus on higher product quality levels and demand forecasts will increase.

8. Workforce skills will digitally upgrade

Manufacturers will seek more digitally capable workforce. 

9. IoT will get more attention 

IoT will have a greater business impact on devising, delivering, and monetizing new products & services. 

10. API (Application Programmer Interface) will take over

Software with on-premises, hosted and cloud-based combinations will emerge more

11. More IT/OT Collaborations

New collaborative IT/OT(Operational technology ) organizational structures will rise.

12. The Plant Floor will reform with AR/VR

Use of early-stage augmented (AR) & virtual reality (VR) systems in the manufacturing industry will increase.

Top 12 Manufacturing Trends For The Year 2018 (infographic)