Tee reservation, cancellation, membership management, keeping tracks of check-in and checkouts…

Managing a golf course is never an easy task. And its complexity grows as your club expands which is why many golf clubs slow down in expanding. 

This is where a golf Course Tee Management system comes in, allowing you to manage most parts of your golf club with a click of a button - so every process and operation in your club will be many times easier and simpler.

So, keep reading to learn more about what is a Golf Course Tee Management software is, it’s features and benefits. 

What is a Golf Course Tee Management System?

Specially developed to help you manage your golf club, a Golf Course Tee Management System is a software application that will automate most of your club operations from Tee booking, billing management to administration and employee management. It comes as a modular software and most of the systems are web-based.

Here are some of the important features comes with a Golf Course Tee Management software. 

  • Tee booking and reservation management 
  • Membership management 
  • Access control management 
  • Tee sheet management 
  • Billing and payment management 
  • Employ management 
  • Event, tournament and lottery management 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Custom report generation 

Benefits of a Golf Course Tee Management System

Simplified booking process – With online booking facilities, your guests will be able to easily book tee time online, even from their mobile phones.

Up to date data – As the system is web-based, the system will always update with real-time information which can be very helpful in reservations.  

Easy information access – Storing all the data in a centralized hub, the system will give you access to any piece of information with a single click. This will save your time in a great deal.

Better customer service – When you have your operations run with more efficiency and accuracy you can’t expect anything else but improvement in customer experience. 

Easy management process – When you have every information of all the operations and all the data from members to employees right at your fingertip, managing your club will get so much easier. 

Better visibility over your club – Through process automation and easy data access, you will get a clear idea about each and every moving piece of your club from anywhere in the world.  

Better analytics  With its custom report generation feature, the system will generate in detailed reports on a weekly, monthly or a yearly basis, which will help you track your growth. 

Aiming to deliver you an easy management process in your golf club, the software comes with user-friendly features which enable anyone learns the system quickly. In addition, the flexibility of these systems allows you to tailor it according to your club’s needs.  

For any club who wished to expand and grow fast, a tee management system can help tremendously. The system will save you money, time and labour hours which you can invest in another task.

If you are convinced that a tee management system can help you take your golf club to the next level start your Golf Course Tee Management software hunt with TigernixClub……