Managing a warehouse is complex. What’s worst, is it get more and more complex for ambitious businesses who maintain a steady growth.

But if your business has a good warehouse management system (WMS) implemented most of your warehouse struggles will be over forever. 

Just imagine a life in your warehouse when most of your daily operations and tasks have assigned every morning to your employees, you can check all your operations and records with a single click and obtain in-depth warehouse report within minutes automatically… These are the efficiency, accuracy and productivity levels a WMS can raise you to.  

What is a warehouse management system (WMS)?
A WMS or a Warehouse Management System is a software application that helps businesses with day-to-day warehouse operations. A good WMS can streamline your warehouse operations from stock controlling, order allocation, picking and receiving management to cycle counting and metrics. It will improve the overall efficiency of a warehouse while cutting down operational costs in a great deal. 

Now, it’s clear that a WMS can be a useful tool to a warehouse. And the next question pops into your mind, how to know whether my warehouse needs a WMS right now or not?

This is how:

You constantly struggle when it comes to shipping orders.

You get so many orders every day from far corners of the world for different items in different quantities and your employees cannot ship the orders within 24 hours. It may be due to the complexity of your warehouse or not having enough inventory for a particular item or something else, but in the bottom line, your shipping is becoming delayed every day. 

Your warehouse is as slow as a snail 
It takes so much time to locate an item and to update the system with new inventory updates. Your warehouse operations and employees are getting slower and slower every day. If you feel like the same about your warehouse, it’s time for you to implement a WMS in your warehouse as it can trace and track everything in real time increasing the efficiency. 

You see an increase in customer complaints 
You receive customer complaints about receiving incorrect items and slow shipping. This is a good indicator that you are slower than you are supposed to be if you want to deliver a satisfactory service for your customers. If this sounds like your warehouse doesn't think twice to invest in a functional WMS system like TigernixWMS because customers are everything for any business.  

You notice huge inventory accuracy issues
If you come across incorrect numbers and records and duplication very often, it’s a sign that you need to invest in a good WMS system now. Because those inaccuracies can lead you to delays and waste of money and customer dissatisfaction. 

Your warehouse is a mess
You find boxes piling up on the floor at every turn as your employees can’t assign a storage location right away when you receive cargo. You notice stacks of papers, invoices and files on tables with no order as you do everything manually, which takes a lot of time to search through, whenever you need to find a record. This can make your suppliers and customers think that you lack professionalism and not well-organized as a business.  

You notice item get misplaced often.
If you find items of your inventory keep missing without any explanation, the only explanation left is you have a thief in your warehouse. Such situations occur because of the lesser visibility and traceability you have in your warehouse. Once you implement a WMS you can instant peek through on your warehouse anytime any place with a click which will reduce such actions of your employees. 

You are planning to expand into new markets
Expanding to a new market means your warehouse is going to get busier than it ever used to be. So it’s important to increase the efficiency of your warehouse with a WMS so you can deliver a streamlined service.