Case Studies

The client

A leader in aluminium composite materials. The company offers architects and designers unlimited opportunities for creative, innovative and individual planning. 

The business challenge

In the absence of an effective Content Management System (CMS) and a newsletter, the challenges faced by this company were many as listed below:

  1. Content maintenance was not decentralized. The company did not have a common web browser to make content changes. Therefore, content management became a tedious process and caused bottlenecks along the way.
  2. The existing system was not designed with non-technical content authors in mind. People with average knowledge of word processing couldn't create the content directly.
  3. Since HTML knowledge was required, only the technical staff could maintain content.
  4. In the absence of an E-newsletter, the company was missing the chance to enhance its reputation and significantly increase lead generation.
  5. An E-newsletter is a cost effective method of increasing company value in the clients' eyes. By not sending out regular communication in the form of E-newsletters, the company was not able to keep in constant touch with valuable customers.
  6. Most companies have regular newsletters sent out via email, since doing so boosts marketing efforts.
  7. An E-newsletter provides instantaneous trackable results, which the company was unable to achieve with its existing communication methods.

The solution

Considering the challenges faced by the company, Tigernix provided the company a customized Content Management Solution (CMS) and newsletter generator. Tigernix decided that the CMS needed to be completely user-friendly and effective in the sense that non-technical employees would be easily able to operate it and maintain the website and company content. To do this the HTML coding was built into the CMS solution.
The generation of the E-newsletter was also an easy process with the system being built into the CMS solution. Tigernix provided the company an instant method to stay in regular touch with its customers through a completely cost-effective communication channel. The system was also able to track the readers and the hits its website gets through the E-newsletter, thus providing data on the effectiveness of a particular E-newsletter.

Business Benefits

  1. Easy content maintenance.
  2. Faster processes due to customized CMS solution.
  3. Cost-effective customer communication.
  4. Increased lead generation.
  5. Leveraging marketing efforts.
  6. Instantaneous trackable results.