Case Studies

The client

An association dedicated to supporting and educating families and caregivers, professionals and the public about Down syndrome.

The business challenge

  1. The business challenges faced by the client were:
  2. Their existing system lacked a method maintain regular content updates on their website. Since the content was not dynamic, it was tedious to maintain. Subsequently the website failed to reflect the current activities and educational material that was required to be displayed.
  3. The existing website had basic web pages without extensions such as forums, polls, shopping applications, search feature, news management, etc. These are typically modules used by most company/association websites.
  4. The system they used lacked cooperation and fast content updates.
  5. There was a need for accountability for authored content (logs) and cooperation between authors.

The solution

Tigernix proposed a fully customized CMS solution for the client to solve the above listed business challenges faced by the association.

The new solution integrates a dynamic content module with additional applications such as forums, polls, shopping cart, search feature, news management, etc. Its user-friendly interface provides a valuable tool for the association to constantly update the websites with the ongoing activities and information. Additionally, the solution provided by Tigernix is easy to maintain and operate.

Business Benefits

  1. Members can easily purchase items for sale on the website with the shopping cart feature.
  2. DSA can instantly disseminate up to date information through its website.
  3. Greater online interaction with members and website users.
  4. Larger number of viewers can access up-to-date content.
  5. Members and visitors can interact through forums and polls.