Case Studies

The client

The company provides cutting edge technology and creative designs in the latest portable electronic gadgets.

The business challenge

The business challenges faced by the client include:

  1. The present site does not completely fulfil the company's SEO requirements.
  2. The website has no well-formed HTML layout with nestled tables, making it difficult for web search engine crawlers to read.
  3. The present URLs are not search engine friendly.
  4. Meta keywords cannot be defined across the site and at the page level.
  5. In the absence of an e-newsletter, the company loses the opportunity to easily and immediately interact with its clients and promote dialogue with them.

The solution

Tigernix proposed the implementation of a Content Management System for the client, as well as the inclusion of a regular e-newsletter, which will solve the challenges mentioned above.

The CMS offered by Tigernix provides the best platform for the company’s website and meets all the SEO requirements. It has a complete HTML layout with nestled tables and full SEO capabilities. These include search engine friendly URLs and meta keywords that can be defined across the website as well as at the page level.

The e-newsletter can be generated regularly and easily through the newsletter module within the CMS solution. Not only can the company stay in regular touch with its customers through this cost-effective communication channel, it also provides a common platform for easy dialogue. The system is also able to track the readers and the hits its website gets through the newsletter, thus providing data on the effectiveness of a particular newsletter. 

Business Benefits

  1. Easy content maintenance.
  2. Faster processes due to customized CMS solution.
  3. Search engine optimized solution.
  4. Cost-effective customer communication.
  5. Immediate and easy dialogue with clients.
  6. Increased lead generation.
  7. Leveraging marketing efforts.