Tigernix has custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications that cater to the Australian construction industry and also conform to the Australia Project Accounting standard. 

Every industry has its own advantage. The infrastructure industry, however, is directly linked to the economic growth and advancement; and that is the core advantage. Australia is known for its experience and adeptness in this industry.


Manufacturing is a multi-faceted industry. This industry further caters and addresses the needs of many other industries. Be it assembly process, mechanical parts, and just about any category of manufacturing, your organization needs comprehensive and robust solutions to meet the needs of every phase of the project.

Tigernix has a wide-range of solutions that are highly customizable, that could give you real-time data and visibility right from order tracking and management, material sourcing, task allocation, production status, quality control, timeline management, and finally revenue management.

Wholesale and Retail

Wholesale and retail industries need highly-flexible solutions for their high-in-demand products.

Wholesale Distribution solutions help you streamline vertical supply chain management on every level, be it local or global. Tigernix range of solutions directly and wholesomely enable you to maximize business visibility using real-time data.

Just as your industry requires our solutions connect all important divisions such as marketing, operations, procurement, logistics and customer care. Our solutions are proven to have helped clients rake higher revenues through realistically delighting the customers.

Travel and Hospitality

Travel and hospitality industries are very dynamic, especially in Australia which is known for its influx of tourists. Billions of dollars are generated internationally.

This industry, as vibrant as it is, is faced with multiple challenges regarding business processes, operational finesse, branding strategy, customer service and the apt use of technology. Your business needs to be ahead of the market, and adept in latest technologies.

The hospitality business is constantly working on providing high-quality, quick, and personalized guest experience. A potent strategy is the key to attaining success, constantly moving forward and staying ahead of market competition. 


The energy sector is quite a rage today and a challenging one too. This industry is huge and booming with new completive players. To be a leader, you need to effectively manage and maintain large assets, then strategically improve their performance, and also make sure that they comply with regulatory mandates. 

You need innovative enterprise solutions that are in line with your industry’s needs, all-inclusive, user-friendly, cost-effective, robust and agile.