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Date : 07 November 2012
Time: 09:15am - 2:00pm
Venue : Auditorium, Level 3, Tower Block, SIMTech, 71 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 638075

The annual Sustainable Manufacturing Centre (SMC) Conference 2012 will take place on Wednesday,7 November 2012 from 9.15am to 2.00pm at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), a research institute of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

The theme of this year's conference is Towards Energy and Material Efficient Manufacturing. Invited speakers from industry, government agencies and the research community will discuss challenges, opportunities, technologies, and successful cases in energy efficiency, carbon footprint assessment and reporting, applications in bio-based materials and composites, CO2 technologies for chemical-free cleaning and energy efficient machining, as well as relevant supporting financial assistance.

We are pleased to have with us at this conference, Mr David Jackson, Founder of CleanLogix, USA and partner of USI Technology, Singapore. For the past 28 years, David has spearheaded the development and commercialisation of more than a dozen products utilising recycled CO2 for cleaning, machining and thermal control applications. David will introduce the latest CO2 technologies and share cases on environmental-friendly cleaning and energy efficient manufacturing. USI Technology will also showcase CO2 technologies.

Economic and local legislations are pushing for energy efficiency in manufacturing. Mr Tay Cher Seng, Managing Director of Natflow will present on energy recovery technologies and some successful cases.
Driven by existing and emerging legislations in overseas markets, materials from renewable sources are increasingly preferred by product manufacturers for use in products and packaging. Dr Yuan Xiaowen, Senior Scientist in SIMTech with many years of R&D experience in New Zealand, will introduce the technical features and applications of bio-polymers and bio-composites. These new and high-value bio-polymers and bio-composite materials will be showcased in the exhibition.

The conference will also feature an array of other technologies for energy and material efficiency and sustainability in manufacturing. Participants can tap on the knowledge and technologies to develop capabilities for improving their own eco-performance.

Some 250 delegates from the manufacturing industry, government agencies and research organisations are expected to attend this non-chargeable event. Do register early to reserve a seat.


9.15am          Registration

9.45am          Welcome Remarks by Dr Lim Ser Yong, Executive Director,
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech)

9.50am          Speech

10.00am        Graduation Ceremony

10.30am        Introduction of CAR²E Programme 
by Dr Patrick Shi, Scientist, SIMTech

10.45am        Cooling is Half the Story 
by Mr Tay Cher Seng, Managing Director, Natflow Pte Ltd, Singapore

11.15am        Coffee Break & Tour of Exhibition

11.45am        Singapore Packaging Agreement 
by Mr Ong Lye Huat, Cluster Technical Recycling Manager, Tetra Pak

12.00pm        Technical Features and Applications of Bio-polymers & Bio-composites 
by Dr Yuan Xiaowen, Senior Scientist, SIMTech

12.20pm        CO2 for Environmental-friendly Cleaning and Manufacturing 
Applications by Mr David Jackson, Founder, CleanLogix, USA

12.50pm        Introduction to Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) and
NEA Incentive Schemes for Industries
by Mr Chong Khai Sin, Manager, Energy Efficiency and 
Conservation Department, NEA

1.00pm         Networking, Lunch & Tour of Exhibition and  
Sustainable Manufacturing Centre

2.00pm          End

Note: CAR²E*-Carbon Footprint As a Tool for Resource Efficient Manufacturing

Conference is supported by the following :
- Energy Efficiency National Partnership, National Environement Agency (NEA),
- Singapore Environment Council (SEC),
- Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA)
- Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)

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