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SME Expo 2017

Tigernix, Singapore’s master software solutions and services provider with experience over a decade, will be at 19th SMEICC and SME Expo 2017, which is Singapore’s most established and longest-running annual SME business conference. Tigernix joins hands with SMEICC and SME Expo since it is one of the top business platforms where Tigernix will be able to cater thousands of budding SME entrepreneurs for their technological needs. This trade fair is exclusively for SME entrepreneurs who seek new dimensions through technology based solutions.

You will be able to experience the service of a range of recent additions to Tigernix’s rich and comprehensive array of technology based products, at SMEICC and SME Expo. Some of the new additions are; 

  • Tigernix Waste Management System - An end-to-end waste management system that helps you manage each and every operation of your Waste management system.  
  • TigernixHRMS - A software consists of a bundle of distinctive features to facilitate the users to administer all the functions related to personnel management through a smart electronic platform.
  • TigernixProperty - An online based facility and property management solution which offers unparalleled convenience to users and clients simplifying and organizing the property management process. 
  • TigernixClub - A highly customizable Club Management Software package that can take care of your club management from A to Z.
  • TigernixWMS - All in one software solution for your warehouse that able you to access any information and operation progress with a simple click. 
  • TigernixProcurement - A highly functional system that helps you manage your supply process from start to finish through automation. 

You will be able to pick up the best Tigernix software solutions fit your business at SMEICC and SME Expo with the consultancy of Tigernix pros. If you are an existing Tigernix user, you can get updated about newest features of Tigernix software and purchase the upgrades. 

Tigernix invites all its existing and potential customers to drop by the stall and get an opportunity to experience the “Tigernix Difference” with free trial packages which will definitely make you rethink the way you conduct your business activities... SMEICC and SME Expo will be held on the 16th and 17th August 2017 at the Suntec Convention Halls 404-406.