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Identifying the constant and frustrating struggles many businesses face in managing procurement management process including connecting with suppliers and retailers and planning and managing supply chain management operations, Tigernix today announced the latest release of its newest comprehensive procurement management system - TigernixProcurement. With years of experience in providing the best software solutions for enterprises, Tigernix has designed and developed its newest member of its software solution family TigernixProcurement tackling all the extract challenges in procurement management. The system capable of delivering a customized solution to any and every business regardless of the industry or the size of the business has designed toward achieving simplicity, effectiveness throughout the supply chain management process.  

Latest features and modules of Tigernix procurement management system provide effective supply chain management solutions for businesses in all industries to boost the productivity and save more work hours. Supply Catalogue Management, Contract Management, Asset and inventory management, Purchase Management, Strategic Sourcing and Supply Management, Reverse Auctions, Invoice management, RFQ support and Analytics and reports are some of the features comes with this affordable Procurement Management system. 

With the main focus to deliver an easy-to-use and flexible procurement management solution, our software will bring any business higher accuracy and visibility in supply chain management records, higher speed in performing daily operations, effortless data evaluations and risk calculations and more. 

Living in a time where businesses move faster than ever, every business is looking for ways to increase the productivity and effectiveness in their business operations. Procurement management is a process that productivity cannot be gain easily, a help of an automated system can do wonders in streamlining and simplifying your supply chain management. 

With TigernixProcurement, we promise you the productivity you’ve been looking forward to achieving in your procurement management process while reducing risks, costs, and wastes.