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Renowned for delivering futuristic technological services, Tigernix, Singapore’s number one software solutions provider has launched its premium property management software “TigernixProperty”. The software is a fully integrated, web-based solution which offers unparalleled convenience to clients who seek a superior level of speed, utility and security within the property management system. This is the perfect tool for landlords, tenants, and service Pros to handle all the tasks related their property management.

Being aware of the multitude of tasks associated with property management, TigernixProperty comes as an all-in-one solution to serve all such functionalities.  TigernixProperty is capable of automating all the tasks, managing single or multiple purposes, finance activities, property occupancy and vacancies, visitors and the access control system. As well as TigernixProperty enables converting the conventional documentation process to a sophisticated automated facility by electronically generating lease agreements, contracts, work orders, invoices, reports and so on. Hence TigernixProperty is one of the top-tier property management software available to cope up with managing your properties.

You can obtain up-to-date details about your property with detailed reports which enable you to analyze the current performance of property employed in different fields and come up with strategic plans for tomorrow. TigernixProperty is proficient in managing multi-sites, thus you can get a comprehensive in-depth overview at your fingertip. All such data is managed in a centralized database guaranteeing 100% security. TigernixProperty is an investment that reaps you maximum results with minimum costs.