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At Tigernix we like to keep things simple. 

The freshly inaugurated exclusive web-based solution, “Tigernix Training Management Software” is one of such ideal tools to simplify your training management process. Digging in paper stacks for missing student records, constant struggle in scheduling classes, keeping a track on students’ attendance and round -the-clock heaps of overwhelming tasks in training management are no wonder irritating! 

By executing TigernixTMS in your institute you can enjoy the ease of an optimized automated training management system. Every client and customer receive a very special combination of qualities from Tigernix expertise, credibility and the convenience of full access to all outstanding training management software solutions.

All-inclusive TigernixTMS is highly customizable to address the distinct requirements of your training center. TigernixTMS is comprised of a variety of beneficial modules namely; trainee management, registration management, finance management, examination management, HR management, course management, classroom management, online trainee portal, feedback management, inventory management, purchases management and, reports and analytics. With easy-to-use features and a simple navigation user interface, this software package ensures the smooth running of the functions of your training center/institute. 

There are pretty good reasons why you should adopt TigernixTMS as there are plenty of training management software packages in the market. Among such products, TigernixTMS stands tall as it is the best among the rest. TigernixTMS facilitates you with a quick access to your database anytime. With advanced authentication systems, your data will be secured under any circumstance and this is a great way to cut down unnecessary expenses to save more. This is the dynamic way to plan your training programs using a digital platform in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of your training programs creating more value to your service recipients.