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Educate Plus 2019 NSW/ACT Chapter Conference

The enterprise software leader in Singapore Tigernix will be at one of the most significant events in the educator sector in Australia - Educate Plus NSW/ACT 2019 Chapter Conference.

Organised by the Educate Plus, the leading Australian organisation in the educator sector, the conference will be held on 2nd and 3rd September in Sydney at Pier One. The two-day event offers a world of incredible opportunities for professionals in the educator sector to connect with others in the field. Bringing the best experts in the industry from Australia and overseas into one place the event is an ideal place for professionals in the educator sector who are eager to learn new skills and new trends in the industry and ultimately further their career. This two-day event comprised of keynotes, masterclasses, networking events and an award ceremony to recognise the unique advancements done in institutions.

Apart from the great speakers who will be sharing their knowledge at the event the conference brings together the leading vendors in Australia and overseas who offer the latest tools, technology and equipment enabling professionals to explore futuristic lookouts that can take educational institutions to the next level.

This year Tigernix also will be there at the Educate Plus NSW/ACT 2019 Chapter Conference showcasing their premier software solutions that can transform educational institutions in ways you never even thought was possible before. 

Some of the product you will be able to experience from us are school management system, school information system, training management system, facility and boarding management system.

Providing you with a first-hand opportunity to experience our premier software solutions that we’ve built to help institutions tackle all of their challenges and struggles with a few clicks, at the conference, you will get the opportunity to take a closer look at the finest developments of Tigernix for free.

With experienced staff who know the educator sector inside out will be there to help you discover the best solutions for your unique struggles consulting and guiding you find the best solutions for your situation with Tigernix. 

Get a premier opportunity to connect with and learn from the best professionals in the tertiary and school sectors in Australia and overseas. Join one of the largest conferences in the educator sector in the world in this September in Sydney and takes the best out of this amazing opportunity.

Whether you are looking forward to partner up with Tigernix to tackle the struggles in your educational institution or would like to explore our products we would like to invite all of you to hop into our Tigernix stall if you are passing by and discover how we can help you restructure the way you do business. 

See you at Educate Plus NSW/ACT 2019 Chapter Conference on September in Sydney, Australia.