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News - Nov 2020 - QLD Webinar

QLD Water hosted a successful online event on the 26th of November 2020 in their monthly webinar series, namely, ‘QLD water Essentials Webinar’ which was their 16th episode. QLD Water is an advisory body that is also a hub that invites specialists and veterans to explain and elaborate on quintessential topics in water supply services and water main systems gliding in the Queensland communities in Australia. In this episode, Eng. Sen Vigneswaran, the Manager of the Asset Management Services in the Townsville City Council, elaborated on how successful the Tigernix Asset Failure Predictive Analytics solution is to Water Mains Network. 

According to Eng. Sen, during a council meeting in 2014, the members have identified limitations faced by asset managers. As the water main system distributes water for an estimated number of 190,000 to 200,000 Townsville Citizens the disputes faced during planning budgets, in providing authentic operational directions and the inability to understand the reality of the remaining life cycles and decay rates of the assets were boundless. 

This was when a colleague of Eng. Sen suggested the Tigernix Team. Mr Sen was relieved that his search for an authentic asset maintenance solution was finally over. The team of analytics and domain experts, proprietary algorithms and intuitive dashboards of the Tigernix Asset Failure Predictive Analytics solution collectively contributed to the city council a lot. For example, to grasp hidden or irretrievable parameters, monitor and budget various asset-driven scenarios, analyse information and get useful predicted output. 

After addressing the solution in detail, Eng. Sen proudly says “As I started in 2014, by 2020 we are definitely moving in the right direction”. He explains how Tigernix has allowed him to plan operations with proactive planning and resourcing, how it enables him to retrieve an informative capital budget and allows him to look at a surprise-free asset reality check. The Tigernix team whole-heartedly thank Eng. Sen Vigneswaran for his support for sharing his user experience in the webinar as a happy customer.