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About TigernixEAM - Enterprise Asset Management System

EAM or enterprise asset management is essential for any organization to ensure a seamless workflow. However, keeping track of all your asset management operations, and processes can be overwhelming when you are doing it manually and leading to errors and delays.

Introducing the robust enterprise software solution of Tigernix, TigernixEAM - Where you will find the solutions to all the challenges you experience related to asset management in your enterprise. Developed with cutting edge technology, our system introduces automation to all your EAM operations.

With user-friendly functions that enable you to manage over 90% of your enterprise asset management operations, TigernixEAM ensures improved productivity and efficiency. Comprised of a number of modules that are equipped with several functions to help you manage your physical assets with ease our system will take your asset management to the next level. 

The tools we’ve built into our enterprise asset management solution are well thought out and comprehensive to deliver you an end-to-end EAM solution of the next generation. These tools will help you have a better grip over your assets, their maintenance, construction, engineering and operations.

The system will assist you in controlling your EAM operations from A to Z, giving you instant access to the system.

Some of the top features of our EAM solution are,

  • Asset Lifecycle Management/Asset Performance Management
  • Asset Defects Management
  • Asset Failure Predictive Analytics (Short and Long Term)
  • Asset Failure Modelling
  • Asset Failure Machine Learning
  • Asset Decay Matrix
  • Asset Stakeholder Engagement
  • Asset Costing Valuation
  • Asset Risk Assessment and Management
  • Asset Life-Cycle Value Realization
  • Asset Contingency Planning & Resilience Analysis
  • Asset Capital Investment Decision Support System
  • Asset Health Monitoring
  • Asset Degradation Curves
  • Work Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance Management (MRO)
  • Vehicle/Fleet Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Plant Engineering
  • Document Management
  • Materials Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reliability/risk management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Labor and Scheduling Management
  • Reporting and Analytics

Taking care of asset lifecycle to inventory to report generation TigernixEAM can handle all the attributes of your EAM operations, delivering you better speed and accuracy. The system will digitally store all your data and records related to EAM operations to across all the channels enabling you to manage, organize and keep track of your data efficiently. Giving you access to all the data within seconds, our EAM solution will let you have better visibility over your assets, labours and maintenance work than ever before. It will improve the mobility of maintenance teams while enabling you to monitor the progress of the maintenance operations closely. 

Best EAM solution available in the market

Being one of the top enterprise software solution vendors in Australia, Tigernix has developed TigernixEAM after in-depth research on the industry. With the guidance of EAM experts in the country, our solution also ensures a highly functional solution for enterprise asset management. 

Thinking a step ahead as always, our system is comprised of modules that let you enjoy a number of latest technologies enabling you to make your enterprise asset management operations future-proof before your competitors do. 

We have developed TigernixEAM to be highly customizable when compared with many of the EAM solutions available in the market to deliver you a tailor-made EAM solution to fit the requirements of your organization. The system is scalable and flexible, thus ensuring you an EAM solution that efficiently caters to your future needs.

Highly functional CMMS module

TigernixEAM comes with an exclusive CMMS system that allows you to manage your maintenance operations digitally. The computerized maintenance management system or the CMMS of our solution was designed to effectively maintain a computer database for your organization’s maintenance operations and HR functions. Thus, allowing you to improve the effectiveness of maintenance workers, the verification of regulatory compliance and the quality of management decisions. 

Seamless integration

Developed for seamless integration, TigernixEAM ensures you a 100% integration with other systems you are already using in your organization to deliver you the best return on your investment. Our system is easy to integrate, and our team will be there to assist you throughout the integration process enabling fast system implementation.

Web-based and mobile-friendly

Catering to modern-day needs and technological trends, TigernixEAM comes with web-based technology allowing you easy access to the system regardless of where you are. Featuring a mobile app that employees can quickly download to their mobile device we’ve made our enterprise asset management solution more convenient to use. 

Advanced analytical tools included.

Not like other EAM solutions, Tigernix has highly focused on delivering advanced tools for our users to help utilize data they collect in more creative and strategic ways to make better business decisions. The report generation and analytical module of the system will introduce you new ways to process and analyze your data related to asset management, thus improving the accuracy in forecasting.

Whether you are a real estate business, owns a commercial fleet or runs a large manufacturing plant, TigernixEAM can solve your asset management issues once and for all. 

However, we advise you to start with a robust EAM framework to identify a risk-free approach for your new EAM solution adoption and integration. It’s crucial that you start with understanding the exact requirements of your asset management operations before starting your hunt for a right EAM solution. You can begin by analyzing your asset management process, and where you are looking forward to improving and prioritize them, to understand the must-have functions of the EAM solution you need. This way, you are guaranteed an optimum return on your investment. 

TigernixEAM is for you?

If you are looking for a cutting edge EAM solution from a reputable vendor for a reasonable price with an active support service, TigernixEAM is an enterprise software solution that you can’t afford to miss to consider. It’s high in quality, have made up to international standards and guarantees you improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity in your asset management operations. Seamlessly integrating with Gartner magic quadrant that updates yearly, we ensure you an up-to-date EAM solution to help you always be ahead of your competitors. 

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