Financial Assistance Scheme System - Bursary - Grant- Donation

When you are in a mission serving an important purpose or a noble cause or need, you deserve tools that enable you to connect, collaborate, organize and operate better- And let you excel at the impact you are making. Whether you are a government agency, non- profit organization or an educational institute, TigernixFAS can redefine the way you manage your financial assistance schemes. Be it a subsidies program, bursary or a grant, TigernixFAS enables you to manage all from a single dashboard.

TigernixFAS comes in 4 main modules to help you tackle various types of financial schemes in one platform.

The one and only of its kind

TigernixFAS is the only financial assistance scheme management system in the market that allows you to manage your financial assistance schemes, from application calling to reporting to board members and other stakeholders with more efficiency and accuracy. Comes with a suite of tools and applications to help you manage all your financial schemes our software solution let you simplify your processes and speed up the workflow taking the hassle out of financial assistance scheme management.

TigernixFAS has developed with cutting edge technology to deliver you a state-of-the-art financial assistant scheme management solution. And it helps you make managing financial schemes less of a headache so you and your team can serve your noble purpose with more enthusiasm.

Manage all sorts of financial assistance scheme in one software

From financial subsidies management, grant management, bursary management to donation management, TigernixFAS can handle it all, delivering many benefits to your organization.

With our solution, you can have a better path than managing endless spreadsheets, reviewing thousands of applications and hundreds of CC’d emails back and forth. It makes managing financial assistance scheme management simple and easy and delivers you a single solution so you can manage everything from one place from applications, accounting, audits to progress. Never stress about collecting, reviewing, scoring or ranking applications as the software will handle all on your behalf.

To put in simple words, the solution allows you to manage all management operations of your financial scheme program without leaving the platform.

TigernixFAS, brings modern online efficiency

Efficient operations, resource consumption and cash management are three factors that are essential to ensure the ongoing success of any financial scheme. Yet achieving efficiency in all these areas is never an easy task. Now with TigernixFAS, you are able to improve the efficiency of processes and operations in your organization to reach your goals easier than ever before.

Automating your processes and digitalizing your data, the system will enable you to speed up the workflow while reducing errors and misinformation. It will update you with real-time data, making collaborations between teams efficient while delivering effective communication methods to communicate with applicants, donors, reviewers, volunteers and other essential parties involved in your program.

Flexible, scalable and mobile

When you have a cutting edge financial scheme management software solution like TigernixFAS by your side, you are guaranteed flexibility, scalability and mobility. Whether you want to expand your member base, expand your scheme to another city, state or country or introduce a new scheme, our solution will enable you to scale up your organization or programs painlessly.

Developed to deliver you ultimate flexibility, our solution allows easy and simple customization in all the tools and applications comes with the software. With TigernixFAS, you can access any information of your applicants, donors and volunteers from anywhere anytime enabling you to operate regardless of where you are or your team members are.

Easy to use interface

Like all the other Tigernix solutions, TigernixFAS also has developed, keeping the end-user in mind. It’s clean, clear and easy-to-use. It let you store, view, organize and analyze data quickly within seconds. It also comes with many data filtering options to help you sort out your applicants, donors and volunteers easily.

The visual dashboard feature of the software will make it easy to view data. At the same time, the report generation function will enable you to automate the report generation process saving you the time and the hassle. It will also help you keep an eye on the critical KPI’s and data points in one place you need to monitor every day. TigernixFAS also comes with a role-based permission feature to ensure the security of your sensitive data.

Gives you peace of mind

Managing a financial assistance scheme is never an easy task. From raising and managing funds to ensuring funds are delivered to the right prospects, keeping track of your processes and transactions and keeping them organized is never easy. With TigernixFAS, you can enjoy peace of mind no matter how complex and big your scheme is as it will automate operations, delivering you better visibility over your program.

So, you can manage and monitor everything right from your screen.

Why TigernixFAS is for you?

Does your government agency, non-profit organization, educational institute looking for easier ways to manage your financial scheme programs? Do you too want to focus more on serving more and enhance the impact you are making in the community than having to worry about getting done backend operations?

Then, TigernixFAS is the best financial assistance scheme management solution. Get in touch today to request a free demo.