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About TigernixHRMS

TigernixHRMS is an intuitive, comprehensive, simple and affordable Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for businesses. Tigernix understands the importance of human resource and the need for efficient management. A good HRM is a good base for a productive organization.

TigernixHRMS skilfully manages the HR requirements of your organization employing features such as Employee information management, Travel claims, Leave management, compensation and Expense Management, and more. An intuitive HRM benefits your organization in many ways apart from helping you manage employee and HR services with an array of impeccable and comprehensive features.

TigernixHRMS is the best-ever combination of efficiency and performance. That is also a major reason why organizations choose our software in their workplace.  You can be assured that HRMS is a valuable investment that will catapult your company’s progress and performance to a new level.

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