Procurement Management System

Tigernix procurement management system can offer you the best solutions in streamlining your supply chain processes, reducing costs and time consume in performing day-to-day tasks in procurement management, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your enterprise.

Supply Catalogue Management 
-Maximize the effective catalog-based purchases 

Contract management
-Streamline the contraction management process by automating the contract execution, renewals, and close-out processes.

Asset and inventory management
-Keep and track data related to products in the inventory and increase the efficiency in inventory management.

Purchase management 
-Help you streamline your purchasing process and maximize the efficiency.

Strategic sourcing and supply management
-Help you accomplish high-profit margins while still maintaining the right quality in products with strategic supply management practices.

Reverse Auctions
-Allowing real-time bidding among suppliers, it creates a high competitive environment for suppliers.

Invoice management 
-Speed up managing invoice process, enabling you to perform paperless invoicing. 

RFQ support
-Create digital request of quotations and speed up the RFQ process.

Analytics and reports 
-Provide compressive reports after a deep analyze of data.


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