Video Conferencing System  Singapore

Geography is no longer a constraint in our world today. Whatever be the reason for working remote and supporting organizations, technology is ahead in time to cater to that need. Tigernix is always futuristic and feels the pulse of global need. With the current pandemic leaving the world asking for more and more technical advancements, especially in connecting people globally, TigernixJoin is not just an answer but a clever and easy solution to all professional and personal conferencing needs.

TigernixJoin is currently used in more than 10,000 hosts by more than 15 institutions and enterprises. During this unexpected phase of COVID-19, TigernixJoin is serving as a boon to many.

Video-conferencing at your convenience, using high-speed Servers and exceptional quality uninterrupted visuals, with more than perfect security, is more than what any organization or person can ask for. TigernixJoin is a superior quality product that makes your remote meetings smooth and seamless without any technical glitches and with complete security.

There’s a plethora of applications available; what makes TigernixJoin stand out is its ability to deliver far beyond its promises. From large business conglomerates to small and medium businesses, to individuals, schools and educational institutions, TigernixJoin caters to everyone in various dimensions. It bridges and connects people using any standard audio/video service or equipment or through the cloud in just an instant.

With TigernixJoin, you can conduct:

  • Video Conference
  • Web Conference
  • Online Web Meeting
  • Teleconference
  • Online Video Conference
  • Virtual Meeting and more
Features TigernixJoin Others
10x faster
Web-based (no download required)
Unlimited meetings
Unlimited users
Dedicated hosting
Hosting in secured cloud
Hosting on-premises
Screen sharing/application sharing
Mobile apps
Personal branding
Application customisation
Participant passcode
In-conference text & private chat
Stream videos
Record meetings
Encrypted video calls
Host control

TigernixJoin Supported Applications

  • Meetings or collaborations (e.g. AGM, Virtual AGM, E-AGM, Webinars)
  • Online teaching and education
  • Parents/teacher meetings
  • Video interviews
  • Business administration
  • Work from home
  • Distance diagnostics
  • Legal environment

The most important requirements of a remote communication application are speed, reliability, security and stability. TigernixJoin is built as a robust and sturdy application that holds the density of several users and smoothly operates with high speed. Another basic requirement of a video-conferencing application is video and voice clarity. Our application delivers pristine video and audio eliminating many an instance of frozen screens.

TigernixJoin breaks all barriers of time and space, providing you with the best-in-class connectivity. We employ Servers that have lightning speed capacity, the reason for uninterrupted services. 

Tigernix, as a company, has been delivering custom software for educational institutions and government entities in Singapore, Australia and other regions, for more than 15 years. 

Using TigernixJoin, you can conduct online classes, video conferencing meetings, interviews, or chat with exclusive features.

The data servers are located within the country. This setup ensures the utmost security of your data. Whether it’s a school or a corporate organization, information has to be managed with care. Your data is managed and dispersed with careful security measures. This leaves you with absolutely no-worry of data security. The servers are also optimized to handle high levels of traffic, such as in the COVID-19 situation.

There are two levels of security for video conferencing. Each level polices the prospects of secure transmission and carefully allows communication. While users communicate without any glitch, we ensure that in the backend every level of security measure is met. The high-speed video streaming algorithm makes video conferencing close to personal meetings.

Another interesting and important feature is that TigernixJoin allows custom URL. You can use your own brand for the video conferencing portal. This is unique and is an easy way for brand recall.

TigernixJoin is what your organization needs without another reason.

Simple to use: It is highly user-friendly with easy-to-understand options. You can plan, prepare and execute any level of meeting or discussion over geographies, with ease. 

Clear User Interface: Nothing complex but a clear and clean user interface for quick access. Users are of a different kind. Corporate, educational, personal, name it and they are users. Our User Interface is perfectly designed for easy use.

Robust: Sturdy application that holds any amount of users seamlessly. Our Server is carefully optimized to hold and steer high user traffic.

Secure: Levels of security in conferencing and in Server locations, ensure that there’s no compromise in security.

Clearly the best and better than the rest, TigernixJoin is already a global favourite.