Warehouse Management System

TigernixWMS eliminates time-consuming paperwork and manual data entry, reduces inventory costs by increasing the inventory visibility and improves the efficiency in management operations. 

Other than recording and tracking all your in and out products, TigernixWMS offers you the best warehouse management solutions for your messy warehouse. 

  • Advanced picking strategy and several picking techniques
    -Speed up the product picking process
  • Advance receiving management
    -Improve the efficiency in order delivery. 
  • Automate the cycle counting and scheduling 
  • Order allocation management
    -Speed up your order allocation process.
  • Warehouse Metrics
    -Provide you with advanced reports analyzing product levels and warehouse efficiency.  
  • Complete ERP integration
    -Allows you to completely integrate your ERP system with your WMS system. 
  • Slot optimization
    -Monitor product velocity accurately.


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